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Private Pay Childcare Prices (Per Day)
*There is a 3% surcharge on all tuition paid by credit card.
Effective July 2022

Infants/Wobblers (Up to 15 Months)
Full Day—$50.00
Half Day—$26.00

Full Day—$40.00
Half Day—$21.00

Pre-K (3 - 5 Years)
Full Day—$34.00
Half Day—$18.00

School Age
Full Day — $34.00
After School—$18.00

Rates: Payment for all children is due each week of service. After an account is 30 days in arrears, all early childhood services will be terminated until the account is paid in full. There are no enrollment fees. Half day rates apply to 5 hours or less per day. If your child will not be attending due to vacation (prior to the vacation), illness or any other reason, you are required to notify the office one week in advance. Families will be given up to five consecutive days absence for vacations or illness.

Re: IDHS Assistance Program: If a child's attendance falls below the required 70% attendance rate, Kiddie Kollege has the right to terminate services. IF activity fees associated with school age summer activities such as swimming are charged, they are to be paid by the parent separate from their copay.

There is a 4 day minimum attendance for all children. This attendance policy does not apply to school age children attending on holidays. Parents should provide their work schedule to the office each week so staff can be scheduled accordingly. Parents should notify the office when their child will not be attending so the kitchen has an accurate count for meals.

IDHS Childcare Assistance Program

Kiddie Kollege has a site-contract with the IL Department of Human Services to determine eligibility for the Child Care Assistance Program.

This is a program that provides assistance to working parents.
We can determine your eligibility on-site immediately so your child can start receiving services.

Use the IDHS Co-Pay Calculator or check the copay charts below to determine what your monthly copay will be. Copays for part-time or full-time after school care, copays are lower. Please call Kristen at 847-7102 for questions or further assistance.

As of October 2018, all eligibility is for a one year period, regardless if you lose your job.

IDHS Co-Payment Chart 1IDHS Co-Payment Chart 2
IDHS Co-Payment Chart 3
IDHS Co-Payment Chart 4
IDHS Co-Payment Chart 5
IDHS Co-Payment Chart 6

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