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Kiddie Kollege

"Kiddie Kollege is very clean and does their best to accommodate my son’s needs. I trust this daycare."

- Morgan Chapman

"My daughter has thrived since attending Kiddie Kollege. She had almost zero social interaction with anyone due to COVID-19 and being at Kiddie Kollege has helped her gain important social skills and development. YAY KIDDIE KOLLEGE!"

- Samantha Clements

"We love Kiddie Kollege. The staff is very welcoming and very hands on!"

- Sydnie Vaught

"I love hearing how my child enjoys himself in class. He loves his teacher and I’m beginning to believe if Ms. Erin does not say it, it’s not true according to my son."

- Amanda Harwell

"I have no concerns about the preschool program. I feel comfortable with the teacher and trust her ability to address any issues that she sees. My son is very particular about adults, and he talks very highly of Mrs. Erin. He says he likes her, and she teaches him fun things. From what I’ve seen, she seems to be very good at her job."

- Madison Johns

"Great program. He will miss Kiddie Kollege when he goes to kindergarten."

- Rachel Ewing

"My child has prospered tremendously during her 2 years in ISBE. She has learned so much and has become very outgoing with friends. I have noticed an improvement in her behavior as well. She is always telling me what she learns and always has wonderful things to say about her teachers and caregivers. We love Kiddie Kollege Pre-K."

- Morgan Whitlow

"My daughter is always so excited to learn something new in Ms. Erin’s class. She is always eager to talk about everything that “Ms. Erin told us.”"

-Brooke Hohlbauch

"This will be our third child who has been with Kiddie Kollege since birth. All our kids have loved each room they have been in. Teachers and staff have always been amazing! I never have to worry if my kids are being taken good care of. Rhett was very eager to start Pre-K this year and he loves going each day. Even on weekends he asks if it’s a school day because he wants to go back. Thank you all for being so amazing to all our kids."

- Selena Musgrave

"My children love coming to school every day. I feel like they are challenged and learn so much with each weekly lesson. They are always talking about their friends or things they learned.."

- Heidi Attebury

"We cannot say enough great things about Kiddie Kollege Pre-K program. We have watched our boys grow mentally, emotionally, and socially. We love the play-based approach to learning and their attention to each kid’s needs and development. We would recommend this program to everyone."

- Jacob Butcher

"he staff are very friendly; my child loves to go every day and has loved all her teachers that she has had. Lots of fun activities for the kids."

- Katelyn Lambert

"I love that my kids go to Kiddie Kollege."

- Sera Smothers

"Gabby loves her “Kiddie Kollege”"

-Jordan Griffith

"Bennet loves going to Kiddie Kollege. He always comes home and talks about his day."

- Kristen Porter

"We have been attending Kiddie Kollege for 4 years now with 3 of my children going through the Pre-K classes. They are the best! Everyone is so very friendly and helpful. My daughter looks forward to going to school every day. Highly recommended!"

- Tim Snyder

"My son loves going to school. He has a blast with all his friends and loves his teachers. He comes home with new information every week. I am so glad he got into the daycare program and moved on to Pre-K with all his new friends this school year."

- Kelsea Harris

"Kiddie Kollege Pre-K has many wonderful activities the teachers plan to keep my daughter learning, while having fun. It is a great atmosphere and learning environment in the classroom. My daughter has grown in many areas throughout the year"

- Kelly Iverson

"This year has been amazing! Amelia has learned so much and I am genuinely looking forward to next year! Keep up the good work!"

- Brianna Bohannan

"We love this program. Oaklyn has learned so much, and her manners have gotten better."

Jaiden Burge

"Kiddie Kollege is a great place for my son to learn to get along and learn."

"My daughter loves going to school, and gets excited"

"My daughter gained knowledge in leadership skills, cognitive thinking, problem solving, freedom in art/expression, patience, and attributes that will help her excel to the next level."

"Eliza has become so much smarter and is learning so much! From learning how to play with others, her ABC's and so much more."

"My daughter was behind with peer socialization and with her speech. In the few short months she's been in Ms. Erin's PreK class her social skills and speech have dramatically improved! I have been extremally impressed with Ms. Erin and the Kiddie Kollege's dedication and devotion to their students growth and education."

"My two small boys have been attending Kiddie Kollege for the past year and it has been a wonderful experience. Administration and staff are very caring and work hard to provide a safe, engaging, and loving environment for all children.

My husband and I have been amazed at the growth we have seen in our boys. They love going to school! We feel fortunate to have a quality early childhood learning center like Kiddie Kollege in our community."

- Elizabeth Zurliene, August 2022

Wayne County has Highest “Reach” in State

According to report released by Erikson Institute “High Quality Data Table and Map for High-Quality Care in Illinois”, Wayne County has the highest percentage of children in the state receiving childcare subsidies who were in a Gold Circle of Quality program (Kiddie Kollege) in FY19. The percentage of children reached was 189.74% (includes children in adjoining counties) and the closest other county was Richland County at 54.44%. Erikson Institute contacted Dr. Jill Andrews to determine how Wayne County had such an outstanding capacity for reaching children in the area. Dr. Andrews’s response was that “Wayne County had, over the years, created a seamless educational system for children ages prenatal through age five; had integrated referral procedures within each early childhood agency; and, that area agencies that provide services for children and families in Wayne County meet bi-annually through the Wayne County Early Childhood Advisory Council to continue to identify children who need early childhood services.” Dr. Andrews was asked to document her system to share with other IL counties. The data for this study was provided by IDHS and INCCRRA.

"The Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development and the Illinois Department of Human Services have launched a pilot program to test an approach to child care quality improvement. 36 centers committed to participate in the program, including the Kiddie Kollege Early Childhood Center in Fairfield. Among other things, the pilot will pay up-front for salary and staffing pattern enhancements centers need to meet standards beyond basic licensing. The federal grant is funded through calendar year 2021 and can be renewed for 2022." Kiddie Kollege has currently attained the highest Circle of Quality that the state confers (Gold) and is NAYEC accredited.

"I feel my child having attended 2 years of prek at Kiddie Kollege has helped really get him ready for kindergarten and prepared him for going to a bigger school."

- Molly Selph, April 2022

"The prek program is wonderful and Ms. Erin has done a fantastic job. My son has learned so much this year, it amazes me. Sometimes he says things I had no idea he even knew. I feel it has also helped a lot with his behaviors and he has made lots of good little friends! We have had a wonderful year overall and now my son is ready to start kindergarten in the fall!"

- Morgan Whitlow, April 2022

"This has been a great program for my son. He’s made many friends and has learned so much. He is always excited to share what he’s learned, and we bond over that."

- Brittany Peddicord, April 2022

"My daughter is eager to go to ISBE prek everyday. She loves her teachers too! She sings her songs for me at home and tells me everything she learns. Thank you for teaching my child!"

- Jackie Simpson, April 2022

"The ISBE PreK has helped my child improve on communication and social skills. The prek does a lot of hands on activities and crafts that my child learns from and enjoys. I have noticed a great amount of improvement in my child over the school year."

- ISBE prek parent, April 2019

"My favorite part of the ISBE prek is all the fun and learning songs my child has learned and performs at home."

- ISBE prek parent, April 2019

"Weekly topics were great this year! My daughter was always excited to tell me what she had learned about and the activities that were incorporated into the lessons."

- Kayla Hough, April 2019

"My child loved having Mrs. Greathouse. She even wanted to play school at home, often pretending to be her."

- Amy Carter, April 2019

"I am very pleased that we chose Kiddie Kollege as Madilyn's first PreK class. She has learned so much and enjoys it! Mrs. Greathouse and Ms. Erin have been wonderful and my daughter loves them too!"

- Allysa Walters, April 2019

"My son loves his teachers Mrs. Greathouse and Ms. Erin!"

- Chelsea Carter, April 2019

"The staff is nice and understanding and very involved. My child loves it here!"

- Jahayla Smith, April 2019

“Services are very well. Always kept notified on things going on, things that happen and what my child is doing and learning.”

- Jason Savage, April 2019

"I am very pleased with everything from the preschool."

- Vivian Robertson, April 2019

"My daughter has learned a lot in ISBE. I'm confident she will be ready for Kindergarten."

- Brittany Schmittler, April 2019

"My child has excelled wonderfully this year."

- April Walker, April 2019

"Our son has learned so much from this preschool program. He started when he was three years old and he loves it. I feel like the teachers really care and I would recommend this program to any parent."

- Shanna Austin, April 2019

"My daughter's behavior and listening skills have improved. Her manners have always been decent but she has learned how to remain focused and throws less fits."

- Casey Morris, April 2019

"We appreciate the program!

- ISBE Prek Parent, April 2019

"We appreciate the PreK program and the hardworking staff who take time to care and encourage our kids."

- Carrie Dagg, April 2019

"Friendly people and awesome services!!"
- ISBE Prek Parent, April 2019

"My son loved the class, his teacher, he was always amazing me with stories of what he learned overly excited and using words that he learned even I don't use on a regular basis."
- Angeline Hancock, April 2019

"I feel my children have learned a lot this year. I highly recommend the program as it is helpful in many ways. The staff and teachers are very welcoming to parents, students, and others. Teachers and staff are very helpful in the areas that your children need to work on as well as informing you of so to work on with them. If someone were to ask me where to start early learning for their children or who I shall have work with them my response to them would be Kiddie Kollege that would be my first recommendation."

- Lee Rothe, April 2019

"Thank you so much! I've watched both our boys blossom in prek. The teachers were and are so kind. Next year will be very different not having Kiddie Kollege in our daily lives. We've made a lot of memories over the last four years and I will miss seeing and talking to everyone. Thank you for sending me pictures, talking to me about activities at home, and just being there when I had concerns. Thank you for making our boys feel special and loved. Thank you for taking care of them. Thank you for preparing them for Kindergarten and challenging their growing minds. Thank you for being a part of our family!!"

- Vanessa Anderson, April 2019

"My Child and I both enjoy Kiddie Kollege. Everyone is so friendly and make you feel welcomed."

- Jayde Smith, April 2018

"My daughter really enjoyed Prek-K this Year"

- Hillary Wiseman, April 2018

"I am very pleased with staff and preschool teachers."

- Christina Walker, April 2018

"My daughter was always very eager to attend class and progressed so much throughout the year."

- Erica Burris, April 2018

"The staff is amazing. They always take the time to make each child feel special."

- Loretta Haygood, April 2018

"My child has made so many new friends and loves to play with peers of her age. She brings what she has learned home which has rubbed off on her little brother and he has learned a lot as well because she mimmicks being a teacher. She respects authority and uses manners which is a crucial trait in the dying time we are in where young people don't respect others. I love that she can go to school and tell her classmates about Jesus and help plant those little seeds of faith in this center."

- April Walker, April 2018

"Hello! My name is Aaron Basnett. My son, Alexander Basnett, attended Kiddie Kollege for four years. He attended the daycare for all four years and the ISBE(Illinois State Board of Education)-affiliated preschool (pre-K) for two years. The experience that he and my family had with
Kiddie Kollege was fantastic! In my opinion, the child care at Kiddie Kollege is more than just babysitting. There are teachable moments woven throughout each and every day. Everything from letters and numbers to manners and procedures are taught on a daily basis with the utmost professionalism and care. The “students” are well-cared for and treated kindly in any given situation. The transition into pre-school at Kiddie Kollege is a smooth one. The pre-school class is just right down the hall from the daycare. This daily convenience is invaluable. Most of the procedures and skills that were learned in daycare are carried over and improved upon during the preschool hours. The ISBE-affiliated pre-school does a great job preparing students for Kindergarten and the rest of the students’ educational careers. The students also realize that school can be fun! I would highly recommend Kiddie Kollege and its services to any family with young children. They will care for your children in a nourishing environment while teaching them the fundamentals of education. Kiddie Kollege is the center for all of your Early Childhood needs!"

- Aaron Basnett, April 2016

“Kiddie Kollege played an enormous role in the first ten years of our daughter’s life. From the day I took her in when she was six weeks old, they provided her with a nurturing environment in which to grow. Being an only child, it was important to us that our daughter be in a setting where she could interact with other children and adults on a regular basis, and Kiddie Kollege offered that. While we were at work, we knew that Jevin was learning, eating well, having fun, napping when she needed to, and enjoying the well-rounded experience that has become a big part of her life’s foundation. We so appreciate the staff and Dr. Jill Andrews, whose vision and administrative skills made all of this possible!”

- Penny Shreve, Parent -  April 2016

Jackson Powell, Parent – March 2016"My daughter has been going to Kiddie Kollege since she has been an infant. She is now in the school age room and enjoys the summer program that Kiddie Kollege has to offer. She really likes all of her teachers and the other kids in the class."

- Janis Mayberry – March 2016

"My child will be four in May and has been attending Kiddie Kollege since she was 3 months old. She is my first born and I had to go back to work and I couldn't leave her with just anyone! I have always felt confident in leaving her with her teachers. She loves to go to Kiddie Kollege. The staff is amazing and very caring! Thank you!"

- Jackie Simpson, March 2016

"As a full-time working mom, leaving my girls in someone else's care every day is hard. Thanks to the teachers and staff at Kiddie Kollege I can feel better about leaving my girls knowing they are in the hands of professionals who truly care about them. The staff is great about keeping us up-to-date on the highlights of our daughters' day, sharing their funny moments and their latest achievements. I'm so grateful to the staff for helping us give our daughters a great start in life, and for including us in all of their special moments along the way."

- Erica Burris, March 2016

"My 5 month old has been enrolled at Kiddie Kollege since she was 6 weeks old. I have always felt very confident in the care she is given while I am away from her. The teachers in her classroom along with the ladies in the office are great at keeping me posted on how her day is going and if she isn't feeling well that day. It's a great feeling knowing the staff truly cares about the well-being of my daughter!"

- Lysa Clary March, March 2016

"My son has been coming to Kiddie Kollege for 3 years now and it's the best choice we've made. He wakes up ready to go to school. He is in Prek-k and I am more than pleased with his teachers and the staff. I know that he get the attention he needs and is educated to the fullest. I would recommend to any parent that Kiddie Kollege is a great place to bring your child."

- Amanda McGowan, March 2016

"My daughter has been coming to Kiddie Kollege since she was an infant. Every morning as we entered the building, all the teachers, even the ones not in her classroom, greeted us. Kiddie Kollege has an open door policy, so at any time, I am able to go in the classroom or look through the window to check on her throughout the day. As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at Kiddie Kollege every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance she receives. The teachers and director look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My daughter has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand her challenges, and handle her with grace. My child has learned so much and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day at school! Thank you to the Kiddie Kollege for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day."

- Kristen Harwell, February 2016

"As full time working parents, leaving our children in someone else’s care every morning is one of the hardest things we have to do. Thanks to the staff at Kiddie Kollege we can feel a little better about leaving our children every day because I know they’re in hands of caring professionals who cherish them (almost as much as we do) and seem to understand how much we miss them every day. The teachers, director and assistant director have been fantastic about keeping up-to-date on the highlights of our children’s day, sharing funny moments and their latest achievements. The best part is I don’t have to wait until the end of the day. They send us text and photos. I ‘m so grateful to the staff at Kiddie Kollege for helping us give our children such a great start in life, and including us in the moments we would otherwise miss out on."

- Amanda and Aaron Musgrave, November 2015

"My son loves it here, his teachers are amazing, and he loves everyone. Keep up the great work!"
- March 2012

"My child enjoys attending Kiddie Kollege. She loves her teachers and she comes home with great activities."
- March 2012

"When my daughter came here, she was scared at first, but the teachers were very kind and loving and she loved coming here. Always wants to come back!"

- March 2012

"We love Miss Shelby & Miss Erin."

- April 2016

"Great Program and staff! Addy loved coming to class everyday. She's going to miss you all next year!"

- April 2016

"Chase has learned so much this year! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication! Teachers and staff have both done an awesome job and I'm very impressed with everything he has learned! Thank you!"

- April 2016

My child is always super excited to go see Ms. Shelby and Ms. Erin at "Killie Kollege"!

- April 2016

"Mary really enjoys school and talks about it frequently. It has been great for her socialization and emotional intelligence. Thank you for taking good care of all your students."

- April 2016

"We appreciate Miss Shelby & Miss Erin. Thank you for your hard work! We can see the positive difference you are making in our child!"

- April 2016


Governor Pritzker visits Kiddie Kollege
Kiddie Kollege is awarded Continuous Quality Improvement Program Funding November 2016. 
Kiddie Kollege Early Childhood Center has been notified by Project Child Resource and Referral Agency in Mt. Vernon that it has received a Continuous Quality Improvement Program Cohort Funding from the Illinois Department of Human Services in the amount of $7,200.
This grant program is designed to support childcare centers in the improvement of the quality of care provided to infants, toddlers, preschool, and school-age children. The funding will be used to make renovations to the playgrounds, dramatic play items, fine motor items, active physical play items, and sand and water tables for the classrooms. The funding is also intended to assist providers in the achievement and maintenance of Continuous Quality. Currently, Kiddie Kollege is a NAEYC accredited early childhood center and has ExceleRate Gold Circle of Quality, which is the highest level is awarded and is the only Gold Circle of Quality and Accredited program in Fairfield. Angela Lane, Director of Kiddie Kollege, wrote for this funding.

Kiddie Kollege Hosts Annual Family Literacy Fest


Mike Sullivan, representing the Fairfield Lions Club and Tim McBride, representing the Fairfield Rotary Club presented Jill Andrews, Committee Chair for this year’s Family Literacy Fest with checks for $250 to be used to purchase books for the Fest. Each child will receive a free book, goody bag, and prize. This year’s fest will be held on the lawn/playground behind Kiddie Kollege and the Early Childhood Services Building from 10:00 – 12:00 on Saturday, May 14. Frontier College had previously organized the fest, but due to the impact of the state budget, they were no longer able to do so. Main attractions of this year’s fest will be the Lions Club train, a Minion and Michelangelo – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, inflatable bounce/slide houses, petting zoo, crafts, games from many area organizations and family fun photo booth. There will also be large door prizes drawn throughout the day that include a Kindle Tablet, boys and girls bikes with helmets, life-size Minnie Mouse and more. Jan and Deans Corndog wagon and Annie’s shaved ice will also be available. For more information, to donate or participate, please call Kristen Harwell at 847-7102. 
Kiddie Kollege Awarded ISBE Prekindergarten Grant

July 21, 2017 

Kiddie Kollege has been notified that they will again be funded by the Illinois state board of education to serve 40 children at Fairfield in the state’s prekindergarten program. This is a free educational program offered to children ages three to five. For more information call 847-7102 (Angie Lane). Classes start on August 14th.

Kiddie Kollege Awarded IDHS Child Care Assistance Site Contract

Illinois Department Of Human Services

Sept 13, 2017

Kiddie Kollege has been awarded an IDHS child care assistance program site contract for the fiscal year 2018 in the amount of $399,000. These funds are to assist parents in paying for their child care while they work, attend college or high school. Parents who meet income guidelines can pay a monthly copay as little as $2 per month for their child care. These funds do not have to be repaid. All paperwork is completed on-site at Kiddie Kollege, so parents do not have to travel to project child in MT. Vernon to get their case approved. For more information call Kristen Harwell at 847-7102.

May 31, 2018

The Illinois Department of Human Services has awarded Kiddie Kollege an FY19 Child Care Assistance Program contract in the amount of $380,000. These funds will be used to help parents pay for child care. Parent must be working and meet the income eligibility guidelines. Eligibility is determined on-site and parents will immediately know if they qualify. For more information or to see if you qualify contact Kristen Harwell at Kiddie Kollege.


May 31, 2018

The Illinois State Board of Education has awarded Kiddie Kollege a grant in the amount of $8,340 to fund two projects.  One project will provide handicapped accessibility into and out of the facility.  Clark Construction has begun work on the project which should be completed in June.  The other project is for playground drainage to increase the days children can use the playground after a rain.  That project is being completed by Parker Management of Wayne City.  Kiddie Kollege offers a free ISBE prekindergarten program that serves 40 children each year.


June 5, 2018

Kiddie Kollege has been notified that they will continue to be funded by the Illinois state board of education to serve 40 children at the Kiddie Kollege location. This is a free educational program offered to children ages three to five. Two sessions are offered each day. For more information on screening for this program, call 847-7102 (Angie Lane). Classes start on August 13th.