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Kiddie Kollege

Kiddie Kollege was built in 1996 by Dr. Jill Andrews. In 1994 there were very few child care providers in Fairfield, Illinois. Businesses lost employee prospects due to the lack of high-quality child care, and the local community college had a need for child care to serve their student population. Dr. Andrews was asked to chair a committee composed of area business leaders, public education administrators, parents, and community college leaders. The mission of that committee was to investigate the possibility of developing a high-quality early childhood facility for the children of Wayne County. After two years of researching the early childhood field, Dr. Andrews became so dedicated to the mission that she left her position as Director of Adult Education and Family Literacy at Frontier Community College, and founded Kiddie Kollege of Fairfield. Kiddie Kollege is located adjacent to the Frontier Community College campus on the west side of Fairfield, Illinois. It is licensed by The Department of Children & Family Services. The original facility was built to serve 92 children.

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Kiddie Kollege ISBE Prekindergarten Program (free)

In 1996, the IL State Board of Education opened up its free prekindergarten program to agencies other than public schools.  In order to have enough space to house a prekindergarten program, Dr. Andrews expanded the original facility from 9000 square feet to 12000 square feet.  The grant program was funded and serves 40 children ages three to five years. With the expansion of the building, the center could serve up to 150 children.  The center collaborates with outside agencies to provide screening services to all of its children ages birth to five and to provide additional early intervention services.

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Wayne County Family Enrichment Program (free)

In 2003, Dr. Andrews collaborated with the Fairfield Public School District #100’s Superintendent, Rena Talbert and wrote an IL State Board of Education Prevention Initiative Grant.  This grant was funded and continues to serve 30 families in a home visiting program.  The program is housed behind the Kiddie Kollege facility in the Early Childhood Services Building and serves all of Wayne County.  Parents receive information on parenting and child development through the Parents as Teachers curriculum and are linked to resources their families need.  This program has completed the Parents as Teachers Quality Assurance Program and will receive its “Blue Ribbon Affiliate” status in October, 2016. Detailed information on the program is on their brochure. If you would like to refer a family to these awesome parenting services please complete the program referral form and either mail, call or e-mail to You may also call the program directly at 618-842-4043. To meet our Parent Educators, click here. View our Facility.

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Wayne County Family Enrichment Program

Wayne City Early Learning Center IL State Board of Education Prekindergarten Program (free)

In 2004, Dr. Andrews was approached by Lori Noe, a parent of a prekindergarten student who was concerned that there were many pre-k students who were unable to receive prekindergarten services due to the low number of pre-k slots at the local elementary.  Mrs. Noe asked Dr. Andrews to write a grant to serve 20 additional students in the Wayne City.  That grant was funded in 2004 and the program is housed in the Wayne City Church of God building at 702 West Smith Street, Wayne City, IL.  In 2008, the local public school district transferred its 20 slots of prekindergarten to this Wayne City program so it now serves 40 children. This program received IDHS ExceleRate Gold status in 2013.

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Wayne City Early Learning Center

In 2006, it became apparent that wraparound child care services were needed for many of the prekindergarten students enrolled in the ISBE Prekindergarten Program, so Dr. Andrews renovated space available in the back of the Wayne City Church of God facility to serve 64 children.  That program serves children ages two to ages twelve and was accredited by NECPA for 6 years and received NAEYC accreditation in September of 2015.

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