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Hello! My name is Aaron Basnett. My son, Alexander Basnett, attended Kiddie Kollege for four years. He attended the daycare for all four years and the ISBE(Illinois State Board of Education)-affiliated preschool (pre-K) for two years. The experience that he and my family had with
Kiddie Kollege was fantastic! In my opinion, the child care at Kiddie Kollege is more than just babysitting. There are teachable moments woven throughout each and every day. Everything from letters and numbers to manners and procedures are taught on a daily basis with the utmost professionalism and care. The “students” are well-cared for and treated kindly in any given situation. The transition into pre-school at Kiddie Kollege is a smooth one. The pre-school class is just right down the hall from the daycare. This daily convenience is invaluable. Most of the procedures and skills that were learned in daycare are carried over and improved upon during the preschool hours. The ISBE-affiliated pre-school does a great job preparing students for Kindergarten and the rest of the students’ educational careers. The students also realize that school can be fun! I would highly recommend Kiddie Kollege and its services to any family with young children. They will care for your children in a nourishing environment while teaching them the fundamentals of education. Kiddie Kollege is the center for all of your Early Childhood needs! 

- Aaron Basnett, April 2016

“Kiddie Kollege played an enormous role in the first ten years of our daughter’s life. From the day I took her in when she was six weeks old, they provided her with a nurturing environment in which to grow. Being an only child, it was important to us that our daughter be in a setting where she could interact with other children and adults on a regular basis, and Kiddie Kollege offered that. While we were at work, we knew that Jevin was learning, eating well, having fun, napping when she needed to, and enjoying the well-rounded experience that has become a big part of her life’s foundation. We so appreciate the staff and Dr. Jill Andrews, whose vision and administrative skills made all of this possible!”

- Penny Shreve, Parent -  April 2016

Jackson Powell, Parent – March 2016"My daughter has been going to Kiddie Kollege since she has been an infant. She is now in the school age room and enjoys the summer program that Kiddie Kollege has to offer. She really likes all of her teachers and the other kids in the class."

- Janis Mayberry – March 2016

"My child will be four in May and has been attending Kiddie Kollege since she was 3 months old. She is my first born and I had to go back to work and I couldn't leave her with just anyone! I have always felt confident in leaving her with her teachers. She loves to go to Kiddie Kollege. The staff is amazing and very caring! Thank you!"

-Jackie Simpson, March 2016

"As a full-time working mom, leaving my girls in someone else's care every day is hard. Thanks to the teachers and staff at Kiddie Kollege I can feel better about leaving my girls knowing they are in the hands of professionals who truly care about them. The staff is great about keeping us up-to-date on the highlights of our daughters' day, sharing their funny moments and their latest achievements. I'm so grateful to the staff for helping us give our daughters a great start in life, and for including us in all of their special moments along the way."
- Erica Burris, March 2016

"My 5 month old has been enrolled at Kiddie Kollege since she was 6 weeks old. I have always felt very confident in the care she is given while I am away from her. The teachers in her classroom along with the ladies in the office are great at keeping me posted on how her day is going and if she isn't feeling well that day. It's a great feeling knowing the staff truly cares about the well-being of my daughter!"

- Lysa Clary March, March 2016

"My son has been coming to Kiddie Kollege for 3 years now and it's the best choice we've made. He wakes up ready to go to school. He is in Prek-k and I am more than pleased with his teachers and the staff. I know that he get the attention he needs and is educated to the fullest. I would recommend to any parent that Kiddie Kollege is a great place to bring your child."

- Amanda McGowan, March 2016

"My daughter has been coming to Kiddie Kollege since she was an infant. Every morning as we entered the building, all the teachers, even the ones not in her classroom, greeted us. Kiddie Kollege has an open door policy, so at any time, I am able to go in the classroom or look through the window to check on her throughout the day. As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff at Kiddie Kollege every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance she receives. The teachers and director look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My daughter has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand her challenges, and handle her with grace. My child has learned so much and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day at school! Thank you to the Kiddie Kollege for an incredible early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at all steps of the day."

- Kristen Harwell, February 2016

"As full time working parents, leaving our children in someone else’s care every morning is one of the hardest things we have to do. Thanks to the staff at Kiddie Kollege we can feel a little better about leaving our children every day because I know they’re in hands of caring professionals who cherish them (almost as much as we do) and seem to understand how much we miss them every day. The teachers, director and assistant director have been fantastic about keeping up-to-date on the highlights of our children’s day, sharing funny moments and their latest achievements. The best part is I don’t have to wait until the end of the day. They send us text and photos. I ‘m so grateful to the staff at Kiddie Kollege for helping us give our children such a great start in life, and including us in the moments we would otherwise miss out on."
- Amanda and Aaron Musgrave, November 2015

"My son loves it here, his teachers are amazing, and he loves everyone. Keep up the great work!"
–March 2012

"My child enjoys attending Kiddie Kollege. She loves her teachers and she comes home with great activities."
–March 2012

"When my daughter came here, she was scared at first, but the teachers were very kind and loving and she loved coming here. Always wants to come back!"

–March 2012

"We love Miss Shelby & Miss Erin."

– April 2016

"Great Program and staff! Addy loved coming to class everyday. She's going to miss you all next year!"

– April 2016

"Chase has learned so much this year! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication! Teachers and staff have both done an awesome job and I'm very impressed with everything he has learned! Thank you!"

– April 2016

My child is always super excited to go see Ms. Shelby and Ms. Erin at "Killie Kollege"!

– April 2016

"Mary really enjoys school and talks about it frequently. It has been great for her socialization and emotional intelligence. Thank you for taking good care of all your students."

– April 2016

"We appreciate Miss Shelby & Miss Erin. Thank you for your hard work! We can see the positive difference you are making in our child!"

– April 2016


Wayne City Early Learning Center

"My little girl has been going to the Wayne City Early Learning Center for about a year and a half. She has spent time in each room as she’s grown and has enjoyed each one immensely. She now goes to the prek morning class and is thrilled with all the activities, interaction and teachers! Almost every day she brings home a project she completed either in her class or in after care. It makes my day easier knowing her time is being well spent and she’s excited about her day."

Jackson Powell, Parent – March 2016

"When my children were younger, my mom always kept them while I went to school and worked. Unfortunately, I lost my mama on the last day of 2009. I have had temporary custody of three of my grandchildren for over seven months now. When I first heard about the Early Learning Center in Wayne City, I thought I had found the answer to my problems. The Early Learning Center offers everything that my family needs. It offers everything that any family with children needs. Our family involved with daycare and pre-k. The employees are like family. When we walk through the door of the building, we are always greeted warmly. When I leave my grandson there in the morning, I know that not only is he cared for, he is loved.  I am very thankful for the Early Learning Center.  I am thankful that my grandchildren have a safe, happy, learning environment where people care about them as children. The Early Learning Center is my second choice for my grandchildren. Unfortunately, my first choice left us on the last day of 2009. Thank you to our Early Learning Center family.  We love you all."

Becky Welch, grandma – March 2016

"I am happy to recommend and praise Wayne City Early Learning Center. They are caring, concerned and focused on kid’s well-being. Those are just a few of the attributes found here. Jesse loves coming each day and doesn’t like to miss seeing his friends and caregivers. Thank you for being there for us."

Scott E. Abbott – March 2016

"Our boys have been attending WCELC for over 3 years. They have a strong relationship with their teachers and have made many friends. They love being near the part and activities. WCELC has worked with us with our son’s allergies and has made it easier for us to not worry constantly. I would recommend WCELC to any family in the area."

Kristen Caldwell – March 2016

"So glad Rio got to be a part of your program. We appreciate the many activities and field trips provided by this program. Keep up the good work!"

Hannah Rodgers – May, 2016

"Great experience! Very pleased with Zach's progress!"

Lacy Rentfrow – May, 2016

"We LOVE this program and all the staff!"

Amy Wilson – May, 2016

"The teachers and staff are wonderful! I highly recommend this program!"

Renee Wiggins – May, 2016

"Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Tabitha have always made us feel comfortable. Charlie has bonded with them and will miss them greatly. Charlie has learned a lot and we would not trade the experience."

Sarah Smith – May, 2016

"Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Tabitha have always made us feel comfortable. Charlie has bonded with them and will miss them greatly. Charlie has learned a lot and we would not trade the experience."

Sarah Smith – May, 2016

"The ISBE Pre-K Program is wonderful! I have had 3 children attend within the last 11 years and they have all benefited from attending Pre-K. Thank you for all you do!"

Amy Caudle – May, 2016

"We loved being able to go to the WCELC for the last 2 years."

Chelsea Esmon – May, 2016

"Ryleigh has enjoyed Pre-K so much the last 2 years! It has been great watching her learn so much. She will miss Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Tabitha a lot next year."

Cassie Woodcock – May, 2016

"I like the fact that my son Alex got to learn the things for entry into Kindergarten and all the new friends he now has. Thank you for making a difference."

Thomas Wayne Klene – May, 2016

"Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Tabitha are wonderful! Lachlan has grown by leaps and bounds through their guidance. Their diligence with the children is phenomenal. Thank you!"

J. Powell – May, 2016

"Jaylie is our second child who has attended WC-ELC. I have always admired Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Tabitha due to the fact that the kids can all be going crazy yet they can calmly get them under control. They have more patience than anyone I've ever met. My girls loved Pre-K so much. Jaylie has learned how to write her name, letters, and numbers this year. She has come so far and she wasn't even here for the full school year. She loves her teachers so much that one time when she was sick, she was crying for Mrs. Vicki! Two nights ago, she came home and was asking to go spend the night with Mrs. Tabitha because she wanted to play with her cats!"

Whitney Coy – May 2016

"Emilee loves school. All the ladies at the ELC are great! Keep up the good work!"

LeAnn Schuster – May, 2016

"My daughter loves both teachers and is constantly telling family and friends about them and all that they do in class."

Jessica Clark – May, 2016

"Both of our children have attended WCELC ISBE Pre-K and have had a great jump start to their education. Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Tabitha are both wonderful teachers and are so caring and compassionate with all of their students. We feel blessed that our children were able to be a part of this outstanding Pre-K program."

Jarod and April Peyton – May, 2016

"Breanna is excited every day to tell her family what she did and learned that day at Pre-K. Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Tabitha are both wonderful with my daughter and as a mother, I would recommend ISBE Pre-K to anyone."

Samantha Musgrave – May, 2016


Continuous Quality Improvement Funds Awarded to Wayne City Early Learning Center March 2016
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